Repetitive Strain Injury

If you believe that you have suffered a repetitive strain type injury in the workplace please contact us for an early consultation.

Often an injury may not arise from a one off event such as a particular accident on a specific date but gradually over time by continuous repetition of the same action over a prolonged period of time. For example an employee on a production line doing the same task or action thousands of times per day, every work day over a number of years could develope a repetitive strain type injury. This is a recognised medical phenomenon and some progressive employers who have recognised this danger to employees have developed strategies to minimise harm to their employees. For example some employers have developed a rotational system whereby employees are rotated between various task so that there is a variety to their work tasks which reduces the risk of a repetitive strain type injury. We have achieved successful outcomes for a number of people who have unfortunately suffered a repetitive strain type injury in their workplace. 

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