Personal Injury Claims

Have you been injured in an accident?

If so, you will need a personal injury solicitor for your claim. You can go it alone, but it is best to get an experienced personal injury solicitor who will help you to navigate the process. You will then be able to avoid potential pitfalls that occur with submitting an injuries claim.

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What will we do for you?

1. We will make the entire claim process smooth

Minor errors while completing the application yourself can adversely affect your outcome. There is also a Statute of Limitations on claims (except for minors who have not reached their 18th birthday) so mistakes can be extremely costly. We are experienced with this and ensure there are no costly delays in your application.

2. We will deal entirely with PIAB / The Injuries Board on your behalf

The Injuries Board / Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) is the state body which was set up to assess every personal injury case in the country. It is entitled to make an assessment of the compensation which should be payable in cases.

We represent claimants in the Injuries Board process. We make the application to the Injuries Board and advise on the adequacy of the compensation awarded by the Injuries Board.                                                                                         

3. We will negotiate a settlement of your claim

Where either party rejects an Injuries Board assessment of the case then the case can proceed to court where the court will assess the case. We have extensive experience representing claimants in court proceedings for injuries and losses.

Where the Injuries Board or a defendant makes an offer to settle a claim we advise the client on the adequacy or otherwise of the settlement offer. We have experience in achieving significant compensation for clients. We have succeeded in the following cases recently:

- A leg injury sustained by an employee in an accident at work

- A whiplash injury from a road traffic accident where a car was rear-ended

- A neck and back injury due to a trip/slip and fall on a dangerous public footpath

- An ankle injury from a hazardous hole in a public footpath

To have a consultation and to talk through your case with our experienced personal injuries team, call our number on +353 061 461000 or fill out the contact box on this page.

How do I know how much compensation I could be entitled to?

The amount of compensation is dependent on the severity of the injury, the more serious the injury the higher the level of compensation.  The Personal Injuries Assessment Board PIAB “Booklet of Quantum” outlines the various ranges of compensation for various different injuries.  For example for a minor soft tissue muscular injury to the back where a substantial recovery has been made they recommend compensation of  around €15,000.00. The Courts through various cases over the years have also set out guidelines on compensation in personal injury cases. Both PIAB and the courts when assessing compensation will refer to the medical reports prepared by your doctors and by the defendant’s doctors in assessing the appropriate level of compensation.

Will I recover any ongoing medical expenses and loss of earnings?

You are entitled to recover all out of pocket expenses including all medical expenses and also any loss of earnings attributable to the accident.  These items can be included in the claim for compensation. 

How long do I have to commence my case?

The Statute of Limitations sets out different time limits for different types of legal cases. Generally one must commence a personal injury case within 2 years of the accident or injury. There are various exceptions to this general rule and you should contact us immediately to discuss whether you have an actionable case. You should not delay or wait until the end of the 2 year period as this may adversely affect your case. Beyond 2 years the law will generally prohibit you from bringing a case. The best advice is to avoid delay and to contact us immediately for a consultation. 

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"Many thanks to Cathal Minihane who was excellent throughout my case. I knew I made the right decision and the end result was more than adequate compensation. I cannot praise the help, advice and support received enough. I would highly recommend Clohessy Minihane for their services."

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