Garda Compensation Claims

Clohessy Minihane Solicitors have successfully represented a number of Gardai who have been injured during the course of their duty. 

A special scheme for compensating Gardai who are injured in the course of their duty is set out in the Garda Compensation Acts. This scheme differs somewhat from a case where an ordinary employee suffers an injury in work. The High Court has a special list which hears these Garda Compensation cases. 

By it's very nature the job of a Garda exposes Gardai to inherently dangerous situations which could easily lead to the injury of a Garda. When a Garda responds to a call he or she has no real idea what could be awaiting them and regrettably this sometimes results in injuries to Gardai. When that happens we welcome Gardai contacting us for a confidential consultation to discuss a possible case.

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