Fatal Injury

In some personal injury cases damages or money compensation is not adequate to compensate a person for the actual injury or disability. Such a claimant would readily and willingly prefer to have their body reinstated to its pre-accident condition rather than have money compensation. This futility and inadequacy of compensation is acute and pertinent when the accident results not in disability but in the death of the person. In this tragic situation money cannot compensate for the life of a person. The law is wholly inadequate at presenting a legal remedy to this situation. This inadequacy is recognised in the Civil Liability Act which limits compensation to dependants of the deceased. The courts can award compensation for:

  1. financial loss,
  2. mental distress,
  3. funeral expenses.

It is important to note that the legislation imposes limits on the amount of compensation that the courts can award in these cases. These cases can be complex and it is important for the family members and dependent's to consult us at an early stage for advice. 

When Clohessy Minihane Solicitors act in these cases we do so with genuine sensitivity and empathy.

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