If you have suffered an injury in an accident at work please contact us for an early consultation where we will discuss the steps which you should take. We will engage a health and safety expert to prepare a report for court and to take photographs of the location of the accident. 

Employers have a legal duty to provide a safe place of work and a safe system of work for their employees. If they fail in that duty and an employee is injured as a result then the employee may have a personal injury claim.

An injured employee should report the workplace incident or accident to their employer and should complete an accident report form.

Often these cases can involve an injury which is so serious that an employee is out of work for a period of time and consequently suffering loss of earnings. Clohessy Minihane Solicitors will seek to recover such loss of wages or salary.

In extreme cases, the injury can mean that the employee cannot return to work at their job.  That has serious consequences for the employee and may involve the employee having to retrain or look at another career. If that is the case Clohessy Minihane Solicitors will include that factor and such losses in the case. 

Some jobs can expose an employee to repetitive strain injury. For information on repetitive strain injury see Repetitive Strain Injury

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